Doors Unlocked…

How do I unlock my doors to success?
You must use the tools you were given in order to unlock those doors for success. Lets listen to find out what they are…

Unlock Your Door to Success

The same power that has your life moving in the wrong direction, is the power that can, and will take you to great heights…You have the power to unlock the positive power!

Look in the Mirror

We LIE TO OURSELVES…We never admit to ourselves how things really are…

In order to make any progress in life, Brutal honesty with yourself is necessary…

You have to peel back the layers of “junk” that you have allowed to clothe you over time…

Master your Mind…Don’t let it master you!

You must control your mind, or it will control you. When you get relentless day and night working on your goals, pushing your mind to a level that it’s not use to, it now has to grow and it will show up for you!

Crabs in a Barrel

When you’re moving toward your goals and having success, you’re putting a spotlight on the mediocrity mindset, and they don’t like the way that makes them feel, so them look to reach out to grab you and pull you back!

Take Action…Now!

It’s been said, Faith without works is dead! “you show me your faith and I’ll show you my works” Can the two be separated?
Or is the evidence of faith, ACTION!

Self-Worth = Net Worth

Do you know there is a direct connection between Self Worth and your Net Worth?
Net worth = Total wealth of an individual, company or household, taking account for all financial assets
Self worth = One’s own value or worth as a person to themselves, One’s own beliefs about themselves, good or bad… their self-esteem, and self- respect
Your net-worth will never rise above your self-worth…Never!

What The Hell?

John Lennon Wrote a song entitled…”Imagine” Here are some of the lyrics…

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today  

This episode explores some of these ideas hypothetically?…

Only You Are in Control of Your Happiness

You can’t find happiness outside of yourself. It’s an inside job…

What I Learned Today…

Everyday can be a life lesson if we pay attention. Keeping a daily journal of what we learn can help us grow and measure our progress as we move forward into the future.