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Danny Collins is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Spiritual teacher, Podcaster and personal coach. After years of working in the “rat race” feeling discontent and extremely¬† unhappy and dissatisfied with his professional and personal life, Danny made a declaration to change his then “current” situation. He decided to discover his divine given “gifts” and pursue his dreams. Danny soon after launched a career as an independent real estate consultant, and sales person, he currently is owner and operator of a real estate firm in New York, DKC Realty Group, LLC.

In continuing on his quest to Live his dreams and live a life tailor made for himself, Danny has embarked on a speaking career, as well as launched a podcast, speaking on the very same topics that he is currently living out. His intention is share his message with as many people as possible, “they don’t have to settle for a life handed to them by others”. We are all capable of living out the desires of our hearts, we don’t have to settle for a mediocre existence. It is our Divine mandate to follow that inner voice and live our dreams! We just have to have the COURAGE.

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