Feed the Right Thoughts

Master your life by…controlling the thoughts you allow to feed on your mental energy.

Stop Hating on You

Our external world is a reflection of how think and feel about ourselves.

Take Control of your Words, Thoughts and Feelings

If you don’t program your mind for success, the world will program you for failure.

Prisoners of Our Minds

Our entire life experience is governed by the beliefs we have about ourselves.

Everybody dies but Very Few Live…

The richest place in the world is not the gold and diamond mines, it is the graveyard, the place where so many unrealized dreams, and unrealized potential reside. People typically go to their grave without ever living their dream life…

– Les Brown

What Do You Have to Lose?

One day you, me, all of us will die…with that premise, what do you have to lose in going after your dream and living your dream life.

Truth About Affirmations and their Power

Every Word you say, Every thought you think, Every feeling you feel is an affirmation launched into the Universe…

2023 My Focus Is Me…

You create your own reality, you create your own perception of reality, you create your perspective of reality. It’s all based on your inner vibration. Your perspective is unique to you and only you!