The Art of Prayer

“He calleth things that are not seen as though they were, and things that were not seen become seen”

Be the Love of Your Life

We are literally killing ourselves with negative thinking, the need for outside acceptance, fitting in, and validation from others all the time.

His Marriage Reluctance…

Most men are reluctant to get married, even when they find the right person. Here’s the reason why. They focus on all the things they are going to lose once they are married…Real or not, it’s in their head!

Relationship Expectations…

No one can upkeep your happiness standard, they will always let you down, Why…It’s not their job to make you happy…It’s yours!

Discovering Who You Are…

Every generation wants the next to be better, but how can they be, being fed the same information.

Mental Shackles…Whose Got Me Cuffed!

Our biggest challenge in life is getting beyond “what people think about us” When we do, we can finally soar, when we don’t, we stay in our mental prisons…


If we Ask but don’t believe…we negate your receiving