Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum_002

As the story goes, a family was having their annual family Christmas party. The husband walks in the kitchen and observes his wife cutting off a large portion of the front and the rear of a perfectly good Christmas ham. In awe, as well curiosity, he decides to ask her why she was cutting off that much of the ham. She replies, this is how I always ways done it, it’s mother’s recipe. Letting curiosity get the best of him, he seeks out his mother-in-law and proceeds to ask her why she cuts off the front and the rear of the Christmas ham?

She begins to explain to him that she got that recipe from watching her mother cook the family Christmas ham from as early as the age of 10 years old. Being that it was Christmas and the entire family was under one roof, the man decided that he would go back to the party and find grandma and get to the bottom of this.

He looks across the room, locates grandma sitting alone and proceeds to walk over and get his question answered. As he walks over to grandma, he is joined by his wife and his mother-in-law. Then he ask the question, Grandma I watched my wife cut off the front and the rear of a perfectly good Christmas ham, and she explained her mother did the same and it all leads back to you. Why do you cut off the front and rear of the Christmas ham. Grandma immediately looks up at him and smiles, and says “when my daughter was very young we were very poor and I only had one baking pan and the Christmas hams were always too big for my small pan, therefore I cut off both parts to make the ham FIT!!

Hmmmmm…What behaviors are you modeling just because the previous generation did it that way? Are you following your dreams or the dream handed down to you from your parents, friends or family. Are you just pursing career to please others beside yourself? An Old African proverb says “Man Know Thy Self”. A person must know ones self in order to be true to ones self. Once your true to yourself, you can Dance to the beat of your own drum! You should be creating your own music and then dancing to it, and let the world watch you shine.

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Purpose…Why Are You Here?_001

Welcome to the first episode of Yololivefree! This a podcast created to help wake people up and help them understand that we Only Have One Life to Live and if you don’t act on your dreams now, when will you! When will you start seeking out your purpose in life, if you know your purpose when will you begin to take the first toward executing your purpose. If you haven’t discovered your purpose yet, then that’s your first job in life.

What’s your life’s purpose? Finding your purpose is your primary mission, until you do, your on a hamster wheel going round and round.

Yololivefree, stands for “You only live once live free”.  It means Living free of the old paradigms (mindsets) set by those who established this culture and its rules. You must understand that rules set in motion by others before you were even born, were put in motion to serve them, those who where in power at that time. If you haven’t noticed but the rules seem to change when it suites those we made the rules. In order to SUCCEED you must break the rules, you must question every belief you have and question why you believe what you do. Make no mistake, you must understand that you will BECOME what you believe. You will never surpass and go beyond what you believe is possible for your life.

Yololivefree is a movement to help you and others start on a journey of self-discovery. My goal is to help you understand, if you are living a life created for you by others you will never be HAPPY. You will never be happy, nor will you ever find fulfillment doing what your parents or friends have put in place for your life.  It’s only when you are controlling your own sails on the “boat of life”, is when you will find fulfillment and peace.

Come join me on the journey of discovery every week on the Yololivefree Podcast!

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What is YoloLiveFree…?

hour glasscolor

Think with me for moment…Imagine your life is an HOUR GLASS that has been turned over the moment you were born. Each little piece of sand represents your seconds, minutes, hours, days and years of your life. Time has been ticking away as you have been living  your life. Think on this…One day all the droplets of sand will have flowed to the other end of the hour glass and your time will be UP!

No one knows how much time each of us has to live here on earth. With this in mind I want you ask yourself this question…with an unknown amount of life I have left, am I living the life that I dreamed of living? Am I doing what I want to be doing? Are the things I’m spending my precious “droplets of sand” on worthy of me? Fast forward to the future when your on your death bed one day at 80, 90, 100 years old, will you have regrets about how you spent your life. Regrets about all the things you wanted to do but didn’t do. Did I waste the time I was given?

Let me ask you…what do you want to be, to do and to have in this life? Do you have a dream of doing something amazing with your life but your settling for less? Have you allowed the vicissitude’s of life to drain the dream out of you? Or maybe you have allowed the opinions of others stop you from going after your dreams because someone may have said “you can’t do that”. Or maybe you lie to yourself and tell yourself “I should be grateful for what I have” therefore attempting to achieve anything greater seems selfish. I could name a thousand excuses people give themselves to justify why they aren’t going after their dream life, but the heart of the matter is, your afraid. Afraid to fail, afraid of what others will say or think, afraid you won’t achieve your goal “so why try” right, or maybe afraid of success itself, because maybe if i get there I won’t able to maintain it…

Did you see yourself in any of those excuses? Excuses are only self imposed limitation put on you by you. I know you have a dream. I know there is a life you dream of when your day dreaming and imagining what your life could be like, only IF. The truth is you are only one decision away from achieving the life you desire. I really mean it, your dream life is only one decision away. The trick is getting you to realize how important it to make that decision.

YOLOLIVEFREE means just what it looks like, you only live once, live free! Free in mind, body, soul and spirit. I don’t mean you should live a reckless undisciplined life, its quite the opposite.  Living the life you were meant to live, a life tailor made for you by you. Making your own decisions, calling your own shots. Discovering and living out your true passions in life. Living on purpose as oppose to living for others. You matter, but first you have to matter to yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself first how can you successfully take care of anyone else. You have to be fulfilled in your own space before you can offer fulfillment to others, including your family and friends. This is not about neglecting other, but about understanding that when an individual takes care of themselves first, they become an asset to the world, a fragrance not an odor. When we are ill cared for we express the results of that neglect into the physical world in the form of strife, bitterness, stress, held in resentments, you get the picture.

The good news is this is your life, you only get one as far as we know, I don’t care what religions may say. As far as we KNOW for sure, this is the only human life we get and what we do with it matters. We weren’t created with all these gifts, talents and abilities, all this uniqueness to just follow the herd. Living lives of quiet desperation, silently dying inside because deep down you know you are here for more than just working to pay the bill, raise the kids, and living for a couple of glasses of chardonnay on the weekend with friends and that’s if were lucky! Some of us have totally absorbed our lives into activities, task, and favors just to please other people, we barely have any time for ourselves and our dreams.

What would you do today if you had the unlimited resources to achieve it? Would you have spent today doing what you did yesterday? Or would you have started your singing career, maybe your a dancer at heart, or an artist, you have a secret desire to be a writer, or maybe you want to be an entrepreneur and own your own business, you might want to bake and open a bakery right on main street, or maybe you want to be a public speaker, video gamer, vlogger, photographer, real estate tycoon, stay at home mom, teacher, life coach. I don’t know what it is that you know your gifted to do, and you secretly think about it when no ones around, but whatever it is, you have got to get started because until you do, You Will Never Be HAPPY! This is one thing I know for sure. You may tell yourself you will be happy but you know the truth deep down. You Only Live Once…Act like it!