IF You Can’t See It…You Can’t Have It!_008

I believe we are all here to manifest a vision, to birth something into this world. I believe just like seeds of a fruit, vegetable or a tree, we are all Seed. Planted on earth to bring forth fruit to the world. Just like the seed when planted under the soil, the pressure, heat and moisture helps the seed recognize that it has a purpose, it burst open and begins to connect with the soil and grow. In our own lives unfavorable circumstances, pressures, heat, make us grow and we burst open and all of our strength begins to come forth and take to more favorable circumstances.

Your ideas are seeds in your life. You can leave them in the package and never plant them or you can cultivate them in the soil of your mind. Once you do the universe will act in kind and support your vision, just like the soil of the earth supports the seed that go in the ground. There are universal/spiritual laws that govern, how to manifest your dreams. In today’s episode we are going to discuss them.

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