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Most people want to earn more money and live a better expressed life. However, money seems to elude many and escape their grasp. I believe the reason is most people don’t have a right relationship, or right thinking concerning money. Society and religion has given money a “bad rap”.

Money has been blamed for so much of the wrongs in the world. Money only expresses the character of its beholder. Money is neither Good or Bad, it is neutral. However, it certainly does take on the character of its possessor. We need money, and money is good. Money can be used to right a ton of wrongs in society today. But only money in the right hands.

More people need to see that money can do some amazing things in the hands of loving, caring, generous people. So we must learn how to attract more money into our lives. In today’s episode we will explore how we as regular people can attract more money without working harder, but operating under the principle of Money Consciousness.

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