Disease to Please

Here’s are the top 7 ways to know that you suffer from the disease to please

  1. Always Needing to get opinion from friends and family before you venture to something new
  2. You help and give to others even though you don’t want to
  3. Going out and hanging out when you don’t want to
  4. You allow yourself to be influenced by others to do things you don’t like
  5. Can’t stand the thought that someone doesn’t like you 
  6. Flip flopping on your opinion depending on who your with…
  7. Your super afraid of peoples judgment towards you

Your Life Lenses

Thank you for taking the road less travelled, for doing the hard thing. It makes you better, when you’re better the world is better.

We Are Our Habits!

Our habits will make us or break us, we have the power to change them to support us and help us live productive lives

Relationships Pt.2…The Rant

We are not to be given the task of making other people happy. We are supposed to be happy and share our happiness and fulfillment with others.