Your Life…The Movie

Image your life story being made as a movie and you’re writing it as you go along. What would your Life look like?

Practice Love…

When we practice “Love” daily we build our capacity to love more and more…Then the world is just a little bit better!

How Do You Want to Live?

Stop wasting precious time…Decide what you want…and go do that…


Your past can skew your vision and cause you to see the present through the lens of the past…

You’re on Your Own…But not Really…

Life is truly a solo journey that we get to share with others.

Feel Good About You.

People who think right about and feel good about themselves, can do anything!

Power of Positive Feeling

Those who come to source feeling healthy, rich, happy, loved, successful, will get the blessing…or the manifesting

The Power of Believing In Yourself

Self-Belief is a superpower. Once you start to believe in yourself, Magic starts to happen in your life.
A strong belief in yourself, will silence all the noise around you…