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Welcome to the first episode of Yololivefree! This a podcast created to help wake people up and help them understand that we Only Have One Life to Live and if you don’t act on your dreams now, when will you! When will you start seeking out your purpose in life, if you know your purpose when will you begin to take the first toward executing your purpose. If you haven’t discovered your purpose yet, then that’s your first job in life.

What’s your life’s purpose? Finding your purpose is your primary mission, until you do, your on a hamster wheel going round and round.

Yololivefree, stands for “You only live once live free”.  It means Living free of the old paradigms (mindsets) set by those who established this culture and its rules. You must understand that rules set in motion by others before you were even born, were put in motion to serve them, those who where in power at that time. If you haven’t noticed but the rules seem to change when it suites those we made the rules. In order to SUCCEED you must break the rules, you must question every belief you have and question why you believe what you do. Make no mistake, you must understand that you will BECOME what you believe. You will never surpass and go beyond what you believe is possible for your life.

Yololivefree is a movement to help you and others start on a journey of self-discovery. My goal is to help you understand, if you are living a life created for you by others you will never be HAPPY. You will never be happy, nor will you ever find fulfillment doing what your parents or friends have put in place for your life.  It’s only when you are controlling your own sails on the “boat of life”, is when you will find fulfillment and peace.

Come join me on the journey of discovery every week on the Yololivefree Podcast!

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