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As the story goes, a family was having their annual family Christmas party. The husband walks in the kitchen and observes his wife cutting off a large portion of the front and the rear of a perfectly good Christmas ham. In awe, as well curiosity, he decides to ask her why she was cutting off that much of the ham. She replies, this is how I always ways done it, it’s mother’s recipe. Letting curiosity get the best of him, he seeks out his mother-in-law and proceeds to ask her why she cuts off the front and the rear of the Christmas ham?

She begins to explain to him that she got that recipe from watching her mother cook the family Christmas ham from as early as the age of 10 years old. Being that it was Christmas and the entire family was under one roof, the man decided that he would go back to the party and find grandma and get to the bottom of this.

He looks across the room, locates grandma sitting alone and proceeds to walk over and get his question answered. As he walks over to grandma, he is joined by his wife and his mother-in-law. Then he ask the question, Grandma I watched my wife cut off the front and the rear of a perfectly good Christmas ham, and she explained her mother did the same and it all leads back to you. Why do you cut off the front and rear of the Christmas ham. Grandma immediately looks up at him and smiles, and says “when my daughter was very young we were very poor and I only had one baking pan and the Christmas hams were always too big for my small pan, therefore I cut off both parts to make the ham FIT!!

Hmmmmm…What behaviors are you modeling just because the previous generation did it that way? Are you following your dreams or the dream handed down to you from your parents, friends or family. Are you just pursing career to please others beside yourself? An Old African proverb says “Man Know Thy Self”. A person must know ones self in order to be true to ones self. Once your true to yourself, you can Dance to the beat of your own drum! You should be creating your own music and then dancing to it, and let the world watch you shine.

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